DEll XPS L502x battery
DEll XPS L502x battery
DEll XPS L502x battery

Replacement battery for DEll XPS L502x, DEll XPS L502x Charger On Sale

  • DEll XPS L502x battery

DEll XPS L502x Battery Replacement

  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Cell Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Weight: 359.5g
  • Dimensions: 202.01 x 48.81 x 20.52 mm
  • Cheap High Quality DEll XPS L502x Battery
  • Super-Long Standy Time Guaranteed!
  • Original Price: $ 74.80
  • Now Price: $ 67.06
  • Same day shipping service !
  • 100% new, 100% compatible !
  • DEll XPS L502x Charger

DEll XPS L502x Charger,DEll XPS L502x Adapter

  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Description: Notebook computer AC adapter and power cord.
  • This is a Hi-Capacity Brand AC Adapter for your DEll XPS L502x!
  • The Hi-Capacity AC Adapter meets or exceeds original manufacturer power specifications for DEll XPS L502x AC Adapters.
  • Original Price: $ 44.65
  • Now Price: $ 35.42
  • Free Shipping on your order of 2 products or More !
DEll XPS L502x Battery Compatible original Battery Code:
Cbattery, makes you enjoy mobile life anytime,anywhere
1. It is superior operation capability and high durable structure contents.The IC used TI BQ IC as a gages control and Seiko BQ IC as a protection control and the battery is performance.All our products are with a number of international security certifications.
2. Precised wiring circuit: Gas gage circuit is designed to use TI BQ IC and protect circuit is down by BQ IC.
3. Reliable protection circuit: with over charge, discharge protection, and over current and short protection.
4. Cycle life: after 300 charge and discharge the capacity is still 70%. Of original capacity.
5. High safety: with Polyswitch,temperature fuse,BQ device to avoid hazard happening.
6. Fully environment testing: to warranty the product safety we have processing all kinds of test both of Physical and destroy test.

Attention when use your new DEll XPS L502x battery pack
Do you want your laptop run well at any mobile place ? The Follow suggestions will help you protect your laptop battery life.

Here's How:
1.Before using the new battery, Please read the DEll XPS L502x battery maintain parts of the user manual carefully.
2. When charge your battery first time, Please fully charge 12 hours. The new battery need three times charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
3. If a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a laptop or find the battery charge/discharge time become shorter than before, You should fully discharg the battery before charging next time.
4. When charge the DEll XPS L502x battery, Please keep the laptop power off. Don't unplugged the power on the battery charge half-way. It is best time to use your laptop after full charged 30 minz later.
5. Don't put battery exposure, damp and erosion some chemical liquids. Avoid contact with metal stuff to make battery short-circuit and so on.

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